The Application Process for the 2013-2014 term is now closed. Announcement: 2013 MALSF Scholarship Recipients



"Life Experiences"
A GodzChild, Inc. Publication
M. A. Lee Scholarship Fund Founder and President, Dr. Maurice A. Lee takes you on a journey of his life experiences that is sure to uplift and inspire.












The M. A. Lee Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Dr. Maurice A. Lee. Because of his own financial struggles during college, Dr. Lee desires to assist well-deserving, graduating seniors with the opportunity to attend college despite their uncontrollable economic circumstances.

Because of Dr. Lee’s perpetual compassion for others, the M. A. Lee Scholarship Fund was created.  With the help of several committee members, Dr. Lee is searching for new opportunities to gain plethoric support to enlarge his foundation to increase the capabilities of assisting more college-bound students that possess financial difficulties.

Each year the foundation hosts an awesome gala celebration (view photos) where the M. A. Lee Scholarships are awarded to the recipients. Both the students and their families are recognized for their efforts in completing the task of the application process. This event is made possible by the funds collected from ticket sales and generous donations from individuals, partners, and small businesses. It is the goal of the foundation to obtain corporate sponsorship to expand the reach of the financial assistance by the M. A. Lee Scholarship.



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